Mar 1
Mar 1

PR : Public Relations Podcast with Jessica Zapatero

I was lucky enough to have the wonderful Jessica Zapatero, Co-founder of Zapatero Bucuram Public Relations, LLC., give her insights on PR. We spoke about how to develop a PR strategy, how to incorporate digital marketing, and how to tailor your plan to your organizations particular target market. Although there were some technical issues during the interview […]

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Mar 1
Mar 1

CEM – Customer Experience Mapping: Podcast with Annette Franz (Gleneicki)

I have to admit that even after this interview I still can’t say “Touchpoint Dashboard” three times fast I want to thank Annette Franz (Gleneicki) for taking the time to discuss the importance of customer experience mapping and how a business can gain deeper insight into buyer behavior. Transcript: Annette Franz (Gleneicki): Hey, how are […]

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child abuse ad
Mar 1
Mar 1

The 100 Most Powerful Social Issue Ads Ever Created

I ran a very small consumer insight survey (primarily my non-marketing drinking buddies) and asked them what comes to mind when they hear the word “advertisement.” Some responses that I received were: a cheery jingle inviting you to eat fast food, talking animals with trustworthy smiles promising to save you money, and if you purchase […]

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Feb 1
Feb 1

Oracle Eloqua vs Marketo: Which Enterprise Marketing Automation Software is Best for Your Business?

I was recently interviewed by Katie Hollar, Director of Marketing at Capterra, for an in depth comparison article on marketing automation tools. The article primarily focused on Oracle’s Eloqua and Marketo. I have included a brief snippet below and a link to the full article. When large, enterprise marketing teams embark on the search for […]

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Iceland and Crowdsourcing
Feb 0
Feb 0

Crowdsource Your Business: Iceland’s Doing It!

What is Crowdsourcing? There are a lot of explanations, most of them rather technical. Suffice to say, crowdsourcing is to operational problem solving what cloud computing is to computational resources and memory. With one difference: crowdsourcing is in the real world, while “the cloud” is in the virtual. An example might also be useful. SaaS […]

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7 (and a Half) Tips to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

So you started your business and it’s soaring, just as you knew it would! Now comes the hard part: keeping it airborne. The first place that you, the entrepreneur, will feel the nip of potential failure is in financing. You’re not big enough, or well enough known, for a bank loan—and you know because you […]

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Andrew Mounier A highly accomplished marketing professional with over a decade of experience across multiple industries. Recognized as a thought leader in modern marketing principles with a reputation for consistently achieving revenue targets. Well versed in the nuances of the digital environment and able to extract insights from complex data to advance the business agenda. An energetic entrepreneur with a heightened sense of social responsibility who has built and managed four companies from the ground up. Possesses exceptional business acumen and the ability to innovate continuously.

He is married to his soul-mate Lili Mounier (@simplylili1717) and they are the proud parents of 3: DeNiro the Pug, Mason the Dachshund, and Edward the German Shepherd.


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If I were to follow Twitter’s rules of engagement and summarize myself in 140 characters or less I would say the following: “Digital nomad turned corporate-workaholic that connects to the consumer psyche (lizard brain) using creative and relatable approaches.” I have a passion for marketing and making positive social change through my work.

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Big Data Analytics

Customer Experience Design

Public Relations

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Andrew's consulting method focuses on taking a holistic view of an organization. Involving all key stakeholders to identify primary objectives and helping the business find its Brand Voice. Once the unique value proposition has been developed he will work with the organization to develop strategic omni-channel go to market plans.


Andrew's primary passion is in helping organizations find their Brand Identity which aligns with a higher purpose. He covers topics ranging from Brand Strategy (building), Content Strategy, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Persona Development, Omni-Channel Marketing, and Digital Marketing. If you are interested in booking Andrew please fill out the contact form below.

Media Inquiries

Andrew is always open to contribute or give insight to publishing companies. If you are a journalist and would like a comment or to setup an interview with Andrew please fill out the form below.