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Andrew Mounier CMOAndrew Mounier is a Growth Marketer, Socialpreneur, and is passionate about Startups. He is in his element when developing marketing strategies around neuromarketing and sensory marketing principles. Creating an experience that is not only visually appealing but engages through touch, smell (olfactory), and emotion. He is a life long student of marketing and psychology.

Andrew has studied and used a wide variety of traditional and online marketing techniques throughout his career. These techniques include psychographic segmentation, campaign ideation, brand strategy, internal cultural development, olfactory marketing, content strategy, mobile geo-fencing, SEO optimization, back-link development, drip marketing methods, direct mail, offline media marketing and guerilla marketing tactics (“grassroots marketing”).

He has been exposed to all levels of business engagements, including marketing strategies, policy review and strategic foresight.

His background includes establishing and operating a marketing and social analytics consulting firm. One of the firm’s largest clients was MTN Nigeria, Africa’s largest telecommunications company. The firm created quarterly comparative social analytics reports that focused on competitor social media strategy and used analytics to identify weaknesses in the company’s online efforts.

Currently, Andrew is the Chief Marketing Officer of New Image Marketing Agency (parent company of World Car Auto Group).

Andrew is married to his soul-mate Lili Miller (@simplylili1717) and they have 1 Pug, a Dachshund, and a German Shepherd.